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Ériu is a luxury wool accessories brand based in Ireland. Ériu works with select sheep brands from Irish farmers to source its wool. Ériu’s team lovingly handcrafts its blankets in Ireland with attention to ancient practices.

Ériu’s products are available in luxury stores in Ireland, such as the Adare Manor Boutique, and overseas.


Ériu’s margins are the highest selling directly to customers, so ecommerce is a huge growth focus for the brand. 

Zoë Daly and Lionel Mackey, Ériu’s co-founders, approached us looking to build a premium Shopify ecommerce website showcasing and selling its products. 

We loved the company’s mission of an Irish wool brand using wool exclusively from Irish sheep, something no other brand is currently doing.


We built a best-in-class Shopify ecommerce experience for Ériu. Focused on storytelling and emphasising the product’s quality and value, the Ériu website is informative and engaging for shoppers.

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Ériu’s products are unique because they only use wool from Irish sheep, which was essential for us to convey throughout the website.

Furthermore, we used animated images to make the Ériu website as visually striking as possible.

Given the premium price point of Ériu’s products, it was essential to have a fast, responsive shopping experience for Ériu’s shoppers. We achieved this through lazy loading and compression of images, gifs, and videos.

An expanded product range follows a successful launch

We helped Ériu successfully launch its initial product range on its ecommerce website. Ériu has since expanded its product offering to include wool accessories such as mittens, hats, and snoods.

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