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Irish Green Guys provide a bespoke range of cut foliage throughout Europe. Based in Ireland, Irish Green Guys offer over forty varieties of foliage and a vast selection of pre-made garlands designed to save florists time and money.

Its WooCommerce backend couldn’t keep up with the demand

During its busiest periods (such as Valentine’s Day), Irish Green Guys process thousands of orders. However, its ecommerce website, built using WordPress and WooCommerce, was limiting Irish Green Guys’ ability to scale up its sales. 

Operationally, a lot goes on behind the scenes to fulfill orders at Irish Green Guys. By automating previously manual processes, Irish Green Guys could save its team time and reduce costs. They tasked us with developing functionality for customers to select delivery dates for their orders, view their order history, and place repeat orders. Most importantly, they wanted to create a tiered-pricing system whereby customers could get discounted pricing based on their monthly spending on the site.

The Irish Green Guys found their WooCommerce website restrictive when looking to add new functionality to their store. Anytime they’d try to add a new feature, some existing functionality would break.

Migrating from WooCommerce to Shopify

Before building any advanced functionality into the Irish Green Guys website, we migrated the brand from WooCommerce to Shopify. By migrating to Shopify, we could leverage Shopify apps such as Zapiet, Locksmith, and Mechanic for automating previously manual processes. 

We used Zapiet to allow customers to select delivery dates for their orders, which helps Irish Green Guys know how much foliage they need to cut on a given day.

We used Locksmith and Mechanic to develop the tiered pricing system that has allowed Irish Green Guys to scale up its operations and minimize time wasted on manual backend processes.

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Tiered pricing seamlessly integrated into a Shopify website

We set up a tiered-pricing system for Irish Green Guys with four tiers: Consumer, Bronze, Silver, and Gold. Customers create an account, select their purpose for using the website, and then automatically get assigned to a tier. 

Hobbyists get assigned to the Consumer tier, and most businesses start at the Bronze tier. As Bronze members increase their monthly spending on the Irish Green Guys website, they get automatically upgraded to the Silver tier, which provides them with discounted rates on foliage. This system of rewarding loyal customers has helped Irish Green Guys expand throughout Europe and open a warehouse in the U.K.

Because Irish Green Guys had customers with order history that they needed to access, we needed to retain this data when migrating from WooCommerce to Shopify. We used our experience in ecommerce data migration to seamlessly migrate all order, customer, and product data from WooCommerce to Shopify with zero downtime.

150% increase in revenue within the first year of launch

Irish Green Guys are one of our best success stories - we’ve helped the brand increase its total revenue by over 150% one year after launching its website.

It’s a result we’re incredibly proud of, especially given the complexity of automating the wholesale experience for customers and Irish Green Guys’ fulfillment team. 

All metrics we track with migrations have improved: revenue, conversion rate, average order value, and time on site.

During this project, we’ve learned a lot about building automation into Shopify stores and are excited to apply our learnings in future projects with Irish Green Guys and other brands.

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