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Just A Little Girl is an accessories brand for girls. Based in Ireland, it sells reversible baby bows that come in 100% recycled packaging.

Its products are available in AVOCA stores throughout Ireland.

Ecommerce growth was slower than forecasted

Just A Little Girl’s retail sales grew steadily throughout the pandemic, but its team wanted to double down on selling direct to consumers, given the higher margins. 

However, its Shopify website was difficult to navigate, slow, and, most concerning, online sales were lower than expected.

We identified the average order value (AOV) as an area for improvement. A low AOV demonstrates that customers aren’t adding many items to the cart when checking out, which can be caused by poor product recommendations and site navigation.

We redesigned its Shopify website

We upgraded Just A Little Girl’s Shopify website with a redesign and backend improvements with app installations and more straightforward product filtering.

Most of Just A Little Girl’s customers shop on mobile, so we designed a mobile-first shopping experience to capitalize on this trend.

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Improved product discovery through personalized recommendations

Our goal with the redesign was to increase Just A Little Girl’s average order value. Most customers were only purchasing one or two items in their orders, and we aimed to increase the number of items in a cart to three or four items or to encourage purchases of higher-priced items.

We added a cart upsell functionality that recommends a complimentary product to the products in the customer’s cart. Furthermore, we added recommended products to every cart page so when customers found products they liked, they could keep exploring similar products.

We simplified the site’s main navigation to encourage shoppers to visit Collection pages and then apply filters (price, color, size) to find what they’re looking for. This allowed us to showcase Just A Little Girl’s extensive product range to its customers in an intuitive, inviting way where previously they were overwhelmed with choice.

17% increase in average order value within 60 days of launch

60 days after launching the new website, Just A Little Girl’s average order value increased by 17%, demonstrating the success of our redesign process.

Just A Little Girl currently focuses on driving as much relevant traffic to its website as possible to capitalize on its successful redesign.

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