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Ruby's Boutique is Ireland’s largest clothing boutique for girls. Ruby’s Boutique sells products from premium brands such as Babidu and Condor to parents in Ireland and Europe.

Limited product discovery lowered conversion rates

Ruby’s Boutique’s website was designed and developed before the brand took off in Ireland. Most of its customers originate from its Instagram posts, shopping on their mobile devices.

However, the Ruby’s Boutique website experience on mobile was slow, difficult to use, and limited product discovery for shoppers. This affected both conversion rates and average order values for Ruby’s Boutique - which limited its revenue.

Redesigning Ruby’s Boutique’s Shopify store

We designed and developed a mobile-first, responsive ecommerce website for Ruby’s Boutique. Our new website helps shoppers find what they’re looking for through search suggestions, product recommendations, and complimentary products.

We designed a drawer cart that pops out from the side of the screen when you add an item to the cart. This allows shoppers adding products to the cart to stay on the product page while previewing their cart. Keeping customers on the product page encourages them to keep shopping, boosting average order values.

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Adding social proof and product filtering

Shoppers on Ruby’s Boutique’s website want to stay up with trends, so we added sections such as “New This Week.” 

We added social proof through customer reviews which help build customer trust and boost conversion rates.

We set up product filtering to help shoppers find the products they’re searching for. Shoppers can filter a collection by color, size, age, and more. For example, if a shopper is searching for a blue dress for a four-year-old girl, they can apply filters for the color blue, the dress collection, and select four for the age. Customers have applauded Ruby’s Boutique’s advanced product filtering, which has helped them discover new products.

12% increase in conversion rate and 16% increase in average order value

We increased Ruby’s Boutique’s conversion rate by 12% and average order value by 16%.

Visitors now turn into customers more frequently, and the average customer spends more per order with Ruby’s Boutique’s newly designed ecommerce website.

We’re delighted with the results we achieved for the Ruby’s Boutique team.

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