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Seymours is a shortbread biscuit brand based in Cork, Ireland. Available in national supermarket chains such as SuperValu, Seymours’ biscuits have become a household staple for pairing with a cup of tea or coffee and as a gift of choice for Irish people living overseas.

The United States is the most significant international market for Seymours, and its founder, Philip O’Connor, approached our team to upgrade Seymours’ ecommerce experience to increase ecommerce sales internationally.


The Seymours website was extremely slow to load, lacked in content, and had a poor checkout experience for its customers. Given its ambitions to compete with international biscuit brands like Walkers, Seymours needed to upgrade its ecommerce website.


We migrated Seymours’ ecommerce website from PrestaShop to Shopify to take advantage of currency conversion and geolocation features that make selling internationally a breeze.

Our mobile-first website design for Seymours is vital, given that almost two out of every three visitors are using their mobile devices.

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Under the hood of Seymours’ migration to Shopify

We start all projects with an end goal. In this case, our end goal was to increase Seymours’ conversion rate by 25%. We designed an image-rich website with social proof (such as customer reviews) and focused on minimizing the number of clicks required from a landing page to the checkout pages. 

Knowing the project's objective, we worked backward to create a project plan and got to work. We migrated all products, orders, and customers from PrestaShop to Shopify and ensured customers experienced zero downtime during the migration.

32% increase in conversion rate and 19% increase in average order value

We achieved our goal of a 30% increase in conversion rate for Seymours (achieving a 32% increase). Furthermore, we increased its average order value by 19%, meaning customers spend more money on its site. Typically, a higher average order value results in a lower conversion rate, so we’re delighted to have achieved a higher average order value on top of a significant conversion rate increase.

As expected, sales have been growing steadily for international markets like the United States, so the Seymours team is thrilled with the project.

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