11 Best Email Marketing Agencies (2024)

11 Best Email Marketing Agencies (2024)

Email is among the most effective marketing tools your company can use to increase its conversion rates, build relationships and increase engagement. Good campaigns provide a more significant ROI of up to 59% compared to other marketing tools, and approximately 30% of marketers use email to boost their conversion rates. Additionally, every dollar spent on a good email marketing campaign can result in a $42 profit.  

So, leveraging the power of email marketing within your company’s marketing movements keeps your customers up to date with the latest products and promotions and incentivizes their loyalty to your bran. To have a profitable email marketing technique, you need to seek the services of top email marketing services agencies. These agencies have the skills and expertise to effectively manage your campaigns, content, and subscribers. 

11 Best Email Marketing Agencies

When choosing an agency, you need to find one that meets your specific needs and aligns with your company objectives. With this in mind, we have identified various email marketing agencies offering the best services globally. 

  1. Thooja
  2. InboxArmy
  3. SmartMail
  4. SocialBloom
  5. DMi Partners
  6. Open House Media
  7. Trendline
  8. Soap Media
  9. Audience Serve
  10. Xugar
  11. Rejoiner

1. Thooja

Thooja Agency

Locations: Dublin & London

Services: Email Account Setup & Management, Email Campaign Management, Email Automation (Flows) Setup

Email Marketing Service providers: Klaviyo

Client Focus: Sustainable DTC brands

What we do: We exclusively collaborate with eco-conscious brands looking to increase their ecommerce revenue. Our skilled global experts will help your brand execute various email marketing practices, such as building an email list, content creation, outreach, and follow-up. We implement every intricate step to ensure the flawless execution of all our email solutions. In addition, we are certified Klaviyo Partners and use the platform for its laser focus on ecommerce. If you want to increase your conversion rates and retain these customers through email marketing techniques, Thooja is perfect for your ecommerce brand. 

What makes us unique:

  • 100% of our clients are sustainable brands, so we know what works and doesn’t when communicating with eco-conscious consumers 
  • We offer short-term contracts, so you can stop working with us within 30 days of notice (although our clients rarely terminate their contracts)
  • We have access to many Klaviyo accounts and constantly identify new techniques to improve flows and campaigns
  • We are Ireland’s #1 Shopify agency on Clutch, a leading B2B reviews platform 
  • We offer free strategy calls to learn about your business and identify the best email solutions to communicate with your customers 

You are our ideal client if:

  • You are an eco-conscious brand (a certification from organizations such as 1% for the Planet and B Corp can demonstrate this)
  • You are using Shopify and/or Klaviyo for email marketing (if you are already using a different email marketing service provider, we can migrate all your campaign and subscriber data to Klaviyo)
  • You sell directly to customers (DTC)
  • At least 75% of your revenue is generated from e-commerce.

Client examples: HBHM, Irish Green Guys, Seymours, Bayrli, Ruby’s Boutique

Recent success story:

  • 42% increase in revenue generated from email marketing techniques for HBHM, a sustainable CBD brand in the United Kingdom.

2. InboxArmy

InboxArmy Agency

Location: Grapevine, Texas, United States

Services: Email deliverability, email strategy audit, ESP vendor evaluation and migration, email template production, email campaign automation, and email campaign management. 

Email Service Provider: Klaviyo

Client Focus: B2B and B2C companies

InboxArmy is one of the best ecommerce email marketing agencies with various strategies to bring your message across and increase conversion rates. They offer a full range of services and collaborate with you to create email campaigns that align with your company’s goals. The agency uses a variety of email templates to establish effective communications with consumers. In addition, the team takes a personal approach to the client’s needs and focuses on establishing long-term relationships. 

InboxArmy works with brands of all sizes and email service providers to deliver top-notch service, from production to ongoing support. The agency supports over 50 ESP vendors and has an able team that builds, deploys, and manages all email marketing campaigns at scale. 

3. SmartMail

SmartMail Agency

Location: Brooklyn, New York, United States

Services: Email marketing campaigns, growing email subscriber lists, sequence workflows, and creating responsive email templates. 

SmartMail has enabled ecommerce corporations worldwide to leverage data to increase their online efficiency. The company has worked with various brands, including Skype, Njoy, and Kazaa, and has delivered over 10 million high-quality trigger-based email campaigns.  

Furthermore, SmartMail provides ecommerce email marketing services to brands throughout the consumer’s lifecycle. Some initiatives include compiling welcome emails, post purchases emails, cart abandonment follow-ups, and replenishment and win-back campaigns. 

4. SocialBloom

SocialBloom Agency

Location: Rochester, Minnesota

Services: Email, Calling, and Social selling. 

Client focus: B2B companies

SocialBloom analyses your company’s main goals and identifies the best solutions to optimize your website. They have a highly experienced team that understands how to develop custom solutions that can improve communication with your subscribers. 

The agency offers email marketing solutions, including email setup, copywriting, scheduling, launching, and inquiry responses. It is an ideal company for technological companies. 

5. DMi Partners

DMi Partners Agency

Location: Philadelphia, USA

Services: Email marketing management and strategy

Client Focus: B2B companies

DMi Partners uses data-driven methods to select your business's best email marketing strategy. The agency utilizes time-tested techniques that will expand your outreach. 

Before taking on a project, the DMi team evaluates the current state of your business and identifies the best email marketing strategy that can drive organic traffic to your website. They will help you set up a newsletter to increase your conversion ratio, engage your customers and help you develop long-term relationships with them. 

6. Open House Media

Open House Media Agency

Location: London, UK

Services: Email campaigns, Email Flows, and list growth and reactivation. 

Email service providers: Klaviyo, Omnisend, ActiveCampaign, Optinmonster

Client Focus: Ecommerce brands

Open House Media is an ecommerce email marketing agency founded in 2020. The company focuses on helping brands improve their business and revenue through various email marketing techniques. They use conscious word choice that resonates with your audience. This way, you can connect emotionally and logically with them, pushing them to take action. Open House Media could be perfect for your brand if you are looking to maximize your sales and build customer relationships without lifting a finger. 

7. Trendline

Trendline Agency

Location: Austin, Texas, USA

Services: Email campaigns and program management, strategic consulting, analytics, and insights

Client Focus: B2B and B2C companies

In a world with many generalized agencies, Trendline was launched to develop focused email marketing solutions for Fortune 1000 companies. The agency focuses on developing effective CRM services and helping its clients have meaningful interactions with their subscribers. You can leverage their services to set up and run your email marketing campaign or personal emails. 

8. Soap Media

Soap Media Agency

Location: Preston and Manchester, UK

Services: Email Marketing, Lead Generation, CRM Integration 

Email service providers: Omnisend, Hubspot, Mailchimp, ActiveCampaign, Campaign Monitor

Client Focus: B2B companies

Founded in 2004, Soap Media is a Premier Google Partner and Certified HubSpot Partner. They have vast experience in ecommerce email marketing and communications and have worked with renowned brands, including American Gold, Preston’s College, and Merlin. 

In addition, Soap Media provides digital marketing services such as consulting, designing, and development. Their email marketing solution has an ROI potential of 4400%. So, if you’re interested in launching effective email marketing solutions, you can consult them. 

9. Audience Serv.

Audience Serv Agency

Locations: Berlin, Munich, Barcelona, Porto, Singapore, Hanoi. 

Services: Email retargeting, email template creating, data-driven email marketing, programmatic email marketing using the LiveSend algorithm. 

Client Focus: B2B companies

Audience Serv is an international ecommerce email marketing agency that focuses on acquiring customers through targeted data-driven marketing campaigns. When it comes to direct customer marketing, they are among the best in developing strategies within your immediate budget.

They have a unique team that offers email retargeting campaigns and other messaging forms for target audiences. This agency provides high-quality ecommerce email marketing solutions, from defining your ideal audience to developing unique email campaigns that meet your company's preferences. 

10. Xugar

Xugar Agency

Location: Melbourne, Australia

Services: targeted email strategies, comprehensive email reports, subscription growth, and automation projects. 

Client Focus: B2B & B2C companies

Founded in 2016, Xugar is a growth-focused digital agency with highly-skilled email marketing experts. They offer creative services and design in both media and the web. They also provide SEO, PPC, and B2B marketing solutions. 

If you already have an email list, they can use it to reach out to your customers and assist you in achieving your customer goals. They can also run an entire email marketing campaign from content creation, outreach, and follow-up.

11. Rejoiner

Location: Newport, Rhode Island, USA

Services: email list building, email strategies, copywriting, designing emails, email campaign management, and deliverability. 

Client Focus: B2C companies

Rejoiner is a small email-marketing agency in the USA that offers expert guidance in email marketing solutions. Their team takes a hands-on approach and provides a variety of email software, tools, and marketing tactics for their clients.

Rejoiner works with businesses of all sizes while also developing email marketing solutions for e-commerce companies. This agency can help your organization understand the target audience and create a sound email strategy that is highly engaging. You can also benefit from their copywriting services.

How to Choose the Right Email Marketing Agency

Creating an effective email marketing campaign takes time and effort. A good ecommerce email marketing company can handle this responsibility and help you create a campaign that drives spectacular results for your ecommerce business.

Before choosing an email marketing agency, you need to consider several factors, including:

1. Look for a portfolio

A portfolio offers insights into the company's work. Make sure you see the samples of an agency before deciding if it is a good fit. In addition, when researching email marketing agencies, look for client testimonials to evaluate how the company treats its clients. 

2. Ask about their email tools

Some ecommerce email marketing agencies use outside sources, such as Mailchimp and Klaviyo, while others use their own software. Whenever you contact an agency, you want to inquire about the tools they use to run their campaigns to ensure they have the right email marketing software for your business. 

3. Check their pricing page

You want to ensure that the email marketing agency pricing is within your budget. You can contact them to identify their package pricing and negotiate based on your marketing needs.

4. Check out their company values

You will spend a lot of time with the email marketing agency you settle for. So, you must ensure that their values align with yours to collaborate well. 

5. Look for additional services

As you research different email marketing agencies, see if they offer additional services. Along with email marketing, most companies provide other services, such as web design services and search engine optimization. You may decide later than you want to include additional services to help your email campaign perform better.


Email remains a critical marketing strategy for most businesses. So, choosing an email marketing service agency can make or break the success of your campaigns. Before you approach the email agency of your choice, ensure you have put together a clear set of objectives for your email marketing campaign or program. Additionally, ensure that you evaluate various aspects of the agency to ensure it is the right fit. At Thooja, we start by understanding your business, goals, and target audience. This way, we can provide custom campaigns tailored to the needs of your audience. Book a free strategy call with our team of sustainable ecommerce experts, and we'll see if there is scope for us to work together!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is an email marketing agency?

Email marketing agencies are specialized groups of marketers focusing on developing unique email solutions for various brands. They have access to the best resources and tools to take your marketing efforts to the next level. Ideally, they take over the email marketing movement and create effective campaigns and content to drive revenue to your company, while you focus your efforts on other important matters.

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