Shopify Pricing Ireland: Overview of Pricing Plans (2024)

Shopify Pricing Ireland: Overview of Pricing Plans (2024)

Interesting in using Shopify for your business in Ireland? We've simplified the Irish Shopify pricing plan page to make it easier for you to understand which of the main features are offered in each Shopify pricing plan. We hope you find this Shopify pricing table useful as you start your journey selling on Shopify.

Shopify Pricing Plans Comparison (Ireland)

Features Basic Shopify Advanced
Monthly Price €24 plus VAT €69 plus VAT €289 plus VAT
Online European Credit Card Rates 2.0% + €0.25 plus VAT 1.7% + €0.25 plus VAT 1.5% + €0.25 plus VAT
Online International/Amex Credit Card Rates 3.1% + €0.25 plus VAT 2.7% + €0.25 plus VAT 2.5% + €0.25 plus VAT
In-Person Credit Card Rates 1.7% + €0.00 plus VAT 1.6% + €0.00 plus VAT 1.5% + €0.00 plus VAT
Third-Party Payment Transaction Fees 2.0% 1.0% 0.5%
No. of Products Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
24/7 Support Yes Yes Yes
Discount Codes Yes Yes Yes
Blogging Yes Yes Yes
Free SSL Yes Yes Yes
Gift Cards No Yes Yes
Detailed Reporting No Yes Yes
Abandoned Cart Recovery No Yes Yes
Advanced Reporting No No Yes
Real-Time Shipping No No Yes

Frequently Asked Questions

How much are Shopify transaction fees in Ireland?

In Ireland, Shopify transaction fees vary based on which payment method a customer uses to pay. Shopify charges the lowest transaction fees for payments made using Shopify Payments, while the highest transaction fees apply to international payments.

What is the monthly cost of Shopify in Ireland?

Shopify's monthly cost in Ireland depends on the pricing plan you choose for your business. The Basic Shopify plan is €24 per month, the Shopify plan is €69 per month, and the Advanced Shopify plan is €289 per month. All prices exclude VAT.

Why should I use Shopify in Ireland?

Shopify is the world's most scalable ecommerce platform and your Irish business can leverage the power of Shopify to grow your business online. Our Shopify Ireland guide will help you understand its benefits.

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