8 Best Sustainability Marketing Agencies (2024)

8 Best Sustainability Marketing Agencies (2024)

If you want to increase your sales or build brand awareness, your business could benefit from a sustainability marketing agency. Sustainable marketing companies have the tools and expertise to help you scale your business to the next level online.  

With the help of a marketing agency, you can use your time more wisely and achieve better results for your business. Not to mention, sustainability marketing firms know how to promote your brand because they are passionate about environmental issues. 

Continue reading to discover the eight best sustainable marketing companies to grow your brand. 

The 8 Best Sustainability Marketing Agencies

We’ve discussed what a sustainability marketing agency can do to help your business and how to select one. Scroll down for the top 8 sustainability marketing agencies. 

  1. Thooja
  2. Dandelion Branding
  3. Reward
  4. Ola Impact
  5. Growfish.co
  6. Orange Bird
  7. Eleven
  8. 360 Agency Berlin

1. Thooja


Locations: Ireland, United Kingdom, and the United States

Services: CRM Management, Email Marketing Campaigns & Automation, Customer Retention

Thooja increases your ecommerce brand's profit by implementing a retention strategy on your CRM system (e.g. Klaviyo). They combine email marketing automations and campaigns to turn non-buyers into first-time customers, and turn first-time customers into repeat customers.

2. Dandelion Branding

Dandelion Branding Agency

Location: Netherlands

Services: Content marketing strategy and website optimization

Dandelion Branding is a sustainability marketing agency based in the Netherlands. They provide holistic content marketing strategies and website optimization services for sustainable businesses. Dandelion Branding only works with eco-friendly brands because they are on a mission to help the brands they work with bring sustainability into mainstream conversations. The companies they work with prioritize social good, environmental impact, health, and inclusivity. In addition, they use the most environmentally conscious techniques in their work to ensure their customers’ digital footprint is as small as possible. 

3. Reward

Reward Agency

Location: United Kingdom

Services: Branding, planning, website optimization, organic and paid marketing, advertising. 

Reward is a UK-based sustainable branding and marketing agency. They help direct-to-consumer brands stand out and achieve their business goals. Reward focuses on providing a personal approach to its clients - they refer to their clients as partners. Each partnership is an opportunity for Reward to make the world a better place. Their customers are sustainable and ethical, existing for more than simply profit. 

They care about the planet and all living on it, which perfectly aligns with their values. Reward combines this approach with insights and data to guarantee long-term results from their team in Manchester. They have worked with brands such as Gibsons Games, Champs Tea, and Zalando. 

4. Ola Impact

Ola Impact Agency

Location: Washington, DC, and Barcelona, Spain

Services: Branding, marketing, digital solutions, building ecommerce websites.

Ola Impact is an ethical sustainability marketing agency with offices in Barcelona and Washington, DC. They help their customers with branding, marketing, and digital solutions.

Ola Impact has a team of sustainable brand experts hailing from six countries. They work to deliver their clients the best results every time. Some organizations Ola Impact has worked with include the Wind Energy Foundation, WomenAmbition, and Hungry Harvest. As a business, they are incredibly passionate about sustainability, contributing 1% of their revenue to removing carbon from the atmosphere. 

5. Growfish.co

Growfish Agency

Location: Barcelona, Spain

Services: Email marketing, content writing, social media content creation, ad management, design, sustainable branding, reporting, and road-mapping.

Growfish is a fully remote environmental marketing agency helping businesses grow. Based in Barcelona, they do this through intelligent campaigns, effective communications, brand awareness, and meaningful strategies. In addition, they hold themselves accountable for advancing ethical and environmentally-friendly initiatives.  

Their marketing services include email marketing, SEO-optimised content, and social media content. In addition, the business specializes in ad management, design and sustainable branding, and reporting and road-mapping. They are passionate about providing eco-friendly digital solutions to sustainable companies to minimize the environmental impacts of the internet.

6. Orange Bird

Orange Bird Agency

Location: Netherlands

Services: SEO, social media marketing, PR and media, content marketing, and brand identity and design

Orange Bird is a complete sustainability marketing agency specializing in digital services for clean tech, climate tech, and circular businesses. As a firm, they are very passionate about climate action. Orange Bird uses their expertise and experience to provide effective and innovative solutions to help us transition to a green and clean economy. 

Their services span SEO, social media marketing, PR and media, content marketing, and brand identity and design. They have worked with Grown.bio, OneSoil, iFram, SurfCleaner, and more. They specialize in working with fashion and climate-tech brands.

7. Eleven

Eleven Agency

Location: United Kingdom

Services: Design, copywriting, branding, strategy planning, and digital content

Eleven is a creative marketing agency that specializes in sustainability. They work with some of the UK’s most prominent environmental organizations to promote their brands and market their green credentials. Eleven are a purpose-driven creative marketing agency passionate about the environment, and this eco-friendly marketing agency shares a vision for a cleaner, greener, and more sustainable future.

Eleven believes that achieving this future begins with its clients sharing its messages to wider audiences. They offer various marketing services, including design, copywriting, branding, strategy planning, and digital content. Based in the UK, they are passionate about caring for people and the planet and exclusively work with brands that positively impact society. 

8. 360 Agency Berlin

360 Agency Berlin

Location: Berlin, Germany

Services: Online marketing, offline marketing, media strategy, creative development, and social media campaigns

360 Agency Berlin is an innovative green advertising agency created by media and creative experts. They exclusively promote and work with sustainable brands and initiatives. Their goal is to help ethical and sustainable businesses across Europe and worldwide communicate with distinctive and tailored campaigns. 

360 Agency Berlin provides services that include online marketing, offline marketing, media strategy, creative development, and social media campaigns. They have worked on several successful campaigns, such as The Beyond Your Clothes Campaign, funded by the European Commission as part of the SMART Textile & Garments project. 

How to Choose the Right Sustainability Marketing Agency?

When searching for the right environmental marketing company, you should consider their services, work portfolio, pricing, and location.

Check Out Their Services

The first thing to look for when selecting the right sustainable creative agency for your business is its services. Not all green marketing businesses offer the same services. 

For example, some specialize in content marketing, while others focus on social media marketing. Ask yourself what you are looking for from a marketing firm. Are you hoping to establish your brand identity? 

Alternatively, do you want to up your social media game? Once you know what you are looking for, choosing which sustainability marketing agency to work with will be easier. 

Look At Their Previous Work

Another great way to narrow your search when choosing a sustainability marketing firm is by looking at their previous work. Most marketing companies include a section on their website that acts as a portfolio for past clients.

By looking through this, you can understand their strengths and whether they suit your business. You also get to know them better and see what kinds of clients they have worked with in the past. 

Check Their Team Size 

When choosing a marketing agency, pay attention to the size of the agency’s team. Larger teams can handle more projects than smaller ones and sometimes deliver your project faster.

There are many benefits to working with a smaller team for your marketing project. A smaller marketing team means a more personal approach. Their teamwork can be stronger because of how closely each team works together, which results in more valuable, high-quality work for their clients. 

Since they are small businesses, client relationships are usually of enormous importance to them, so you can expect to be appreciated and for them to care deeply about your business. They want to hero your brand and celebrate its successes because working with you is a massive win for them. 

What Are Their Prices?

Whether you are a big or small business, pricing is important when selecting a sustainability marketing agency. You can generally expect those larger marketing companies to charge more, while smaller agencies often charge less. 

Decide your marketing budget and request quotes from several agencies to determine the best investment return. Some marketing firms feature their prices on their website, while others advise customers to get in touch for an exact quotation. 

Where Are They Located?

Location is another consideration when selecting the right marketing agency for your business. For one thing, prices vary from country to country, and a marketing agency in India may charge less than an agency in Ireland or the country where your business is based. 

But remember that timezone differences may interfere with your communication, which is vital when completing projects. However, for the most part, it should be fine, thanks to video conferencing and other digital communication tools. Ask yourself if you are happy to work with a business in another country or would prefer to consult a company from where you currently reside. 


The digital space is becoming increasingly crowded. If you are a sustainable brand looking to stand out, this is where a sustainability marketing agency can help. Green marketing firms can help your business achieve its targets. Moreover, they understand your mission and help you get the right messaging to communicate with your customers and drive positive change.

When searching for an excellent green sustainability marketing agency, remember to do your research to ensure they will get the results you are looking for and are equally passionate about protecting the planet. We hope this article was helpful for you in selecting the right green marketing company for your business.

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