Project overview

HBHM is a UK-based sustainable CBD oil brand owned by BrewDog. HBHM's lab-tested CBD products are endorsed by influential athletes such as Sara Sigmundsdóttir (1.8+ million followers on Instagram).

HBHM approached Thooja to improve their repeat purchase rate and average order value. Over the course of two years working together, we leveraged Klaviyo's predictive analytics to create an email marketing program that has increased HBHM's customer retention rate.

Before working together, HBHM didn't have a clear email strategy and wasn't sending consistently. Since then, we've consistently achieved 25-40% of revenue from email marketing.

Bryan Kinghorn

Bryan Kinghorn




Welcome Flow

We created separate welcome flows for prospects and customers, each with different goals. Our welcome flow for prospects is focused on converting them into customers through product education and trust building. Our welcome flow for existing customers encouraged them to follow HBHM on other channels, including listening to the HBHM Podcast, subscribing to their YouTube channel, and following them on Instagram.

HBHM Welcome Flow

Zero-Party Data Flow

We captured customer information about why they use CBD. We used this zero-party data to enrich our flows and send highly relevant campaigns to customers.

For example, someone looking to use CBD to help improve their sleep quality would receive a tailored email experience (in both campaigns and flows) vs someone using CBD to reduce their anxiety.

Prioritising collecting this data about our subscribers helped us maximise email engagement and revenue for HBHM.

HBHM Zero-Party Data Flows

Post-Purchase Flow

To maximise the chance of customers purchasing from HBHM again, we wanted to educate them about the products they purchased to ensure they had a successful experience. That led to customers placing repeat orders - where HBHM makes most of its profit.

HBHM Post-Purchase Flow

Abandoned Cart Flow

Recovering abandoned carts was a priority when we started working with HBHM. We addressed the leading causes of abandoned carts by highlighting our free shipping offer, social proof (through reviews), and linking to FAQs, returns information, and customer support.  

We also created a different experience for customers vs prospects, recognising that prospects need a better push than customers to complete their purchase.

HBHM Abandoned Cart Flow

Product Education Campaigns

HBHM's prospects often don't know which CBD oil is right for them. That's why we created many product education email campaigns to explain their product ranges, their benefits, and which specific product might be right for that prospect. The result? Prospects place their first orders with peace of mind that they've chosen the right product for them.

HBHM Product Education Campaigns

Beautiful GIFs

We used GIFs throughout our HBHM emails to convey more information in the same space as an image. We replaced GIFs with static images for Outlook subscribers to avoid formatting issues.

HBHM Reviews GIF
HBHM Reviews GIF

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