Meet Our Team

Ultan O'Callaghan

Founder & Head of Operations

Since Ultan started Thooja, he's been creating and improving processes that allow us to deliver amazing growth for our clients at scale.

Olena Severyn

Email Strategist

Olena has created retention programs for some of the world's biggest ecommerce brands. She creates winning strategies for our clients that deliver results.

Matt Graux

Email Copywriter & Localisation

Matt is our most senior French email copywriter. He localises our English emails into French to help our clients' subscribers receive emails in their native French.

Tamara Zena

Lead Email Designer

Those beautiful emails you see on our website? Tamara probably designed them. She leads our design team in creating high-converting emails that drive results for our clients.

Anne Meinecke

Email Copywriter & Localisation

Anne localises our emails into German, which allows our clients to reach their German audiences in their own language.

Mirish Gallero

Project Success Manager

Mirish ensures that we consistently deliver all our email campaigns and flows on time, at an exceptionally high standard.

Nardu Malherbe

Email Developer

Nardu manages our email development, which covers custom coding for Klaviyo emails using HTML and Django.

Julie Bancilhon

Email Copywriter & Localisation

Julie is part of our copywriting & localisation team and helps our clients communicate with their subscribers in their native languages.

Dean Jackson

Head of Email Testing

Dean ensures that everything in our emails works as expected. The links pointing to the right products? Rendering on dark mode? Mobile overrides? Dean tests those.