Sustainability at Thooja

We increase customer retention for sustainable brands, helping influence the global adoption of natural, organic, and eco-friendly products.

Why do we care about sustainability?

We're already starting to see the impacts of climate change worldwide. Instead of ignoring these impacts, we want to be a part of the solution.
Global temperatures are rising. Destructive storms are becoming more intense and frequent. We're seeing increased drought. Our oceans are warming and rising. Species are going extinct. The list goes on and on.

When we started Thooja in 2020 (originally called Elevate Digital), sustainability wasn't on our minds. We worked with any company that wanted our help. And we helped a lot of fast fashion brands increase their revenue.

In 2021, we had a lightbulb moment and realised that we could use all of our learnings from growing these fast-fashion brands to help grow brands focusing on people and the planet over profit.

Since then, we've worked with truly inspiring brands and helped them convert and re-convert their customers. We like to remind ourselves that for each customer we help one of our clients retain, that's one less person buying from a fast-fashion brand or a profit-maximising competitor.

Does that mean we don't care about profit? Absolutely not. Our clients need to make a profit to stay in business. But we recognise that profit is only part of the equation. Without focusing on people and our planet, brands are contributing to the problem of climate change.

How we're approaching sustainability

As a fully remote marketing agency, our baseline carbon emissions are close to zero. We're proud to have already offset these emissions and have done so since 2021.

To further our positive impact on the world, we've decided to work together with ethical brands selling eco-friendly products. 100% of our client portfolio has been sustainable, eco-friendly brands for the past three years.

If you're a sustainable brand looking to work with an email marketing agency that wants to help you outperform your unsustainable competitors, we'd love to speak with you.

Our sustainability partners

We partner with environmental organisations and charities to further amplify our positive impact on our planet.

Ecologi: We've offset ~45 tonnes of CO2e (equivalent to 35 long-haul flights) to make our company carbon positive. Our funding has also helped fund climate projects in Brazil, Thailand, Mexico, and India.

SME Climate Hub: We committed to achieving net zero in 2050 and achieved this target in 2021 (and even exceeded it, becoming carbon-positive through investments in climate projects).

Our latest sustainability insights