Drive revenue on autopilot with 1:1 hyper-personalized emails

We'll setup email marketing automations for your business to help you generate revenue from your subscribers while you sleep.

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Our email marketing automation services

We offer start-to-finish management of your email marketing automations.

Email Marketing Automation Strategy


We'll create and implement an email automation strategy to help you increase revenue from email.

Email Marketing Automation Flowcharts


We'll create flowcharts on Figma to help visualise and refine our automation strategy.

Email Marketing Automation Copywriting

Email copywriting

Our copy team will write on-brand emails within our marketing automations to convert your prospects and customers.

Email Marketing Automation Design

Email design

We'll design automation emails that stand out in your subscribers' inboxes to drive conversions.

Email Marketing Automation A/B Testing

A/B testing

We'll split-test time delays, subject lines, email content, and more to identify what yields the highest results for your business.  

Email Marketing Automation Translations

Email translations & localisation

We can translate your email marketing automations into German, French, and Spanish to help you reach international subscribers.

Email Marketing Automation Development

Email HTML development

We'll build our email marketing automations on Klaviyo and develop the emails within the automations.

Email Marketing Automation Testing & Deployment

Testing & deployment

Before deploying our email marketing automations, we'll test each email and ensure it works as expected.

Email Marketing Automation Reporting & Analytics

Reporting & analytics

We'll report monthly on the performance of each of our marketing automations.

Send automated emails for every stage of your customer journey

Increase your ecommerce retention with our email automations built around your brand's customer journey.  

Win Back Lapsed Customers

Encouraging existing customers to place another order, leveraging Klaviyo's predictive analytics of the profile's Expected Date of Next Order.

Abandoned Checkout Flow

Reminding profiles who abandoned their checkout to complete their checkout.

Sunset Flow

Attempting to re-engage profiles who haven't recently shown engagement.

Browse Abandonment Flow

Retargeting profiles who viewed a product page without adding it to cart.

Price Drop Notification Flow

Alerting profiles when a product they've shown interest in has dropped in price.

Replenishment Flow

Proactively encouraging customers to re-order their same item(s) to avoid a gap in use between orders.

Loyalty Program Flow

Welcoming loyalty members to your loyalty program and reminding them when they have unused loyalty points to redeem.

Review Request Flow

Requesting a product review from customers for an item they've ordered.

Birthday/Anniversary Flow

Wishing profiles a happy birthday or company anniversary, typically with a special promotion.

Wishlist Flow

Reminding profiles that their items are waiting on their wishlist for them.

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